Linda Magnussen founded LM Educational Advisory, LLC to assist students and their families navigate the complexities of the US college selection and application process. This is particularly critical during this period of uncertainty, where families may be facing different challenges than they anticipated. She guides students and families through the steps required to identify and apply to colleges where each student will thrive and be successful, and tailors her approach depending on the unique needs of the student and family. Her services reflect the idea that each student should focus on targeting appropriate college matches for them, and promote their best self in the application process. Her clients include American and international students from all around the world who wish to attend university in the US, in addition to Canada, the UK and Europe if desired. Linda is familiar with a variety of high school curriculum approaches including US with APs, UK and the IB. She has returned to live in the US after having spent 11 years in London, UK, and is dividing her time between Vermont and New York City. She engages with her students and parents using email, Skype and other virtual platforms, cell phone and face-to-face when possible.

Reasons to Hire an Independent Educational Consultant:

  • Lack of familiarity with US educational landscape
  • Uncertainty about how the college selection and application process works
  • Lack of access to support resources
  • Unique requirements such as a passion for the arts, athletics, specific areas of interest like engineering, medicine, business, or have learning support needs
  • Family time constraints or desire to reduce anxiety
  • Desire to have a knowledgeable and compassionate professional assisting in the effort.